Thursday, December 2, 2010

Delicate Steve "Wondervisions" Video

Delicate Steve is the musical creation of Steve Marion. He recently signed to David Byrne's label Luaka Bop and will be releasing his debut album Wondervisions on February 1st.

Steve has also been recording bands in his studio for about ten years, and recorded many of the tracks found on our free compilation. His band has played a handful of Atlas Records shows, and we will be helping to set up and execute his release party in early February.

Here is the video for "Wondervisions" which stars Steve himself, and Nat baldwin of the Dirty Projectors. Directed by Carlos Charlie Perez (Vampire Weekend, Lil Wayne).

Delicate Steve - "Wondervisions" Video (Feat. Nat Baldwin) from stereogum on Vimeo.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Moniker in Montclair and Brooklyn this Friday 12/3

This Friday, Atlas Records' premiere electronic artist: Moniker will be performing both at the Montclair State University fashion show, and later at a free show at Public Assembly in Brooklyn with the French Kings

Moniker, the musical brainchild of Matt Pietrucha, is currently preparing for the release of his first full length in January or early February. In the meantime we will be releasing a three track Moniker demo for free on December 14th to help hype the upcoming full length.

You can find Moniker's "Sinewave" on the free Atlas Records Compilation here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everywhere at Once, And Nowhere to Go video- Sparta Philharmonic

Sparta Philharmonic, who released their album (Trans)Migratory Birds this month, have now released the music video for their single Everywhere at Once, And Nowhere to go. The video was directed by Evan Cohen with cinematography by Chris Cortez.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Atlas Records Compilation Volume 1

Just in case readers have not visited the website yet, I wanted to make it even easier for everyone to see the details for the Atlas Records Compilation Volume 1.

We suppose this sentence should sound something like "Atlas Records is a record label and a community of artists..." but that would be too easy, and it wouldn't be fair to the people who have invested their blood, sweat and tears to see this thing through. It wouldn't be fair to suggest that the bands we carry are made up of some truly talented, creative people; it should go without saying. Our Artists possess an unrivaled passion for the music they make. We've sought out those bands that have been writing music and playing shows for years, bands that exhibit a certain, undying devotion, and we offer them the means to go above and beyond. Atlas is said to have held the heavens on his shoulders. We devote a similar strength and endurance to providing a stepping-stone, a backbone, and a stage for the music that has changed our lives.

1. I Do Believe (We Shall Overcome) - stillmank.
2. In Place - Tiny People
3. You Got Nunchucks, Lady? - Bermuda Urn
4. Curious Reactions - The Wellfrogs
5. Cumprasita - Kid Twist
6. Everywhere at Once, and Nowhere to Go - Sparta Philharmonic
7. Saturday - Evan Luberger
8. At Dawn We Left - Prawn
9. Rapid - Magnolia Sage
10. Sine Wave - Moniker
11. Smile or Die - Saint names
12. Hot Damn - Maxwell Paparella launch with free comp download!

Today, Tuesday November 16th, marks the launch of the new and improved Atlas Records website at; where you can find the free download of the Atlas Records Compilation Volume 1.

Like This!

The new website, put together with the help of John Saladino, is actually much different from the previews you saw a few weeks back. The designer we had working on the website was unable to finish, so we started from scratch with John. The site now includes pages for each of our artists (Evan Luberger, Kid Twist, Magnolia Sage, Moniker, Sparta Philharmonic, and The Wellfrogs) where you will find a short bio, a streaming track from the compilation, and link to the artists' other pages. On the website you can also find details of all of our events, releases, a photo gallery, an online store, and a detailed description of what we are all about. Maybe we can help your music career.

What may be the most exciting part of the website, is the Atlas Records Comp. Vol 1. This is a compilation of all of our signed artists, and other we have worked with available as a free download. The comp really has something for everyone as it touches on the genres of rock, indie, screamo, chamber music, electronic, pop, post-rock/hardcore, and folk.

So at this risk of sounding redundant, please visit the Atlas Records website, leave us some feedback, and don't forget to download the free compilation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Evan Luberger

Evan is an indie folk rock singer and songwriter from Sparta, NJ who is currently a student at Montclair State University (MSU). He signed on with Atlas Records in the very beginnings of the organization with a sizable body of work already prepared. Atlas did a small scale unofficial release of his first EP "Georgia Sucks" this past summer. The EP will be available through the new website when it launches on the 16th of November. Here is a video for the song "Sacred Ground" which Evan shot well while he was at school for a year in Georgia.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sparta Philharmonic- (Trans)Migratory Birds Release 10/19

Tomorrow (Tuesday October 19th) marks the release of the album (Trans)Migratory Birds by Sparta Philharmonic. This is the first official release from Atlas Records since the label's inception in January of this year. Sparta Philharmonic is made of brothers Greg and Alex Bortnichak who originally hail from Sparta, NJ but are now based in both NJ, and Philadelphia, PA. This release comes in the band's 12 year of existence and follows extensive touring, performing and a previous album (Paper-mache mountains 2006). Their entire career has been completely DIY. Most notably impressive are the self booked tours, and hand built analog home studio in which this album was recorded.

You can hear, in every song, that (Trans)Migratory Birds is intricately and carefully crafted. The two members both have background in classical music (citing Romantic composers such as Wagner and Mahler), which certainly comes through in the texture and arrangement of the songs. However, by no means does Sparta Philharmonic play classical music. The best I can do to describe it would be: classically influenced, intellectual, post-rock with plenty of passion and just enough enough grit. Lyrically the themes cover growth, change, past, transition, life and death. I have not gotten the chance to really digest the lyrics yet, but I certainly look forward to doing so.

I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Greg and Alex on a number of occasions. Their attitude and dedication is impressive. They always show up on time, are prepared and play a great set. They seem to have mastered the technique of combining congeniality with professionalism. They are highly approachable and always seem to be willing to have a good conversation. Combine that with the quality of their music, and you can see why they will be successful if they so choose.

Sparta Philharmonic (Trans)Mirgratory Birds ALbum Art

Find more on Sparta Philharmonic here:

Riot Act Bio

Interview from Mixtape Muse


Don't forget to check out the website tomorrow to find all the information about Atlas Records first release: (Trans)Migratory Birds by Sparta Philharmonic.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Website Launch Preview and Compilation Release 11/16

The long awaited launch of the official Atlas Records website finally has a date attached to it.  On November 16th the first stage of the website will go into effect.  The site will include news feed section with a weekly update and important information as needed, a bands section which will eventually have a page for each artist on the label,  a release schedule, a show schedule, and in the future, an online store.

The most exciting part of the site is the attached Atlas Records Compilation release.  The comp contains one track form each band currently signed to the label as well tracks contributed from other artists we have been working with in the past months such as Prawn, The Sparta Philharmonic, and Tiny People.  It will be streaming from the music player on the site and available for free download.   Donations will be graciously accepted.

Lastly, as of right now, the Official Atlas Records Facebook page has been created.  This will be your most real-time source for information, contests and free content.

In the meantime I will be posting to this blog with information about each individual band and the events  Until the site is launched, and while it is developed the rest of this year, remember to check back here and on the Facebook page for all your Atlas Records shows, updates, and free content.

Oh, here is the preview:

Atlas Records mainpage preview

Atlas Records Shows Page preview

Atlas Records Store Page Preview

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Atlas Records is a record label and music collective.  It is a collaborative effort between musicians, music industry professionals, and highly motivated individuals to help these musicians to realize their goals.  Atlas Records provides management services to artists including but not limited to: booking, promotion, artist development, product engineering, sales, fiscal management,  and general management.  And to music lovers it provides a reliable place to find new, high quality music.

Whether the artists' goals are to be signed to a larger label, reach certain demographics or geographic areas, sell their music, or simply play shows, it is Atlas' mission to facilitate the achievement of those goals.